Outrunning A 1-Up Mushroom In Super Mario 64 Is A Great Tradition

Here's a throwback for those of you that are Super Mario 64 fans. While players find many creative ways to play Super Mario 64, one of the most famous things hardcore players like to do is something called the Green Demon Challenge.


The name refers to something that is typically considered a boon in Mario games: the 1-up mushroom. Basically, you find and activate a 1-up mushroom. But instead of collecting the 1-up mushroom as you might normally, in the Green Demon Challenge you try to collect all eight red coins in a level, as well as the star without letting a 1-up mushroom catch up to you. The thing is, the little devil is quick and won't stop following you, no matter where you go on the map. It makes for some entertaining and hilarious chases, the likes of which people like to document.

Even if you've seen these before—like the famous video above by psion0011—it's the sort of thing that's a joy to rewatch every once in a while, just to remind everyone how good of a game Super Mario 64 is. I can't help but laugh every time the players scream when the 1-up mushroom gets too close. I watch these every time I write about Super Mario 64 lately, so I thought they were worth re-sharing, especially since it's the sort of thing players still like to try.

Here are a few more (classic) takes on the Green Demon Challenge:

Ever try this? How did it go? Let us know in the comments.



Wait. The 1-ups in Mario 64 chase you? I've gotten 120 stars TWICE in this game and I somehow never realized this.