OutRun Online Arcade Powerslides Into Your Life Next Week

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Despite being largely overlooked in favour of louder, faster games, Sumo's OutRun 2 was one of the most joyous racing experiences of the last hardware generation. And next week, it arrives on the current generation.

Sega have announced that OutRun Online Arcade will be released on Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday, April 15. In case you've forgotten, sorry, PlayStation 3 owners, in North America it's an Xbox 360 exclusive.


In Europe, though, it's another matter, and the game will be out on the PlayStation Network next Thursday, April 16 (of course, in Europe it's out on 360 next week as well).

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I've officially given up on this generation of games. Literally all the games I want are only available online, and most of them not in this territory anyway. So, thanks for nothing guys. And too bad you don't want my money.

At least if it was in a box, I could import it.