During QuakeCon, Bethesda showed off the first gameplay footage of the new Prey, which has very little to do with the old Prey.

Bethesda re-announced Prey during E3 this year with an unsettling, Groundhog-Day-esque cinematic trailer. In the new trailer, which features actual gameplay, the game’s main character frantically fires at wispy black creatures (including SHADOW HEADCRABS) aboard the Talos 1 space station.

Combat appears to be going for the whole claustrophobic “don’t touch me don’t touch me don’t touch me” vibe. Aesthetically, it feels a bit like a modernized take on System Shock, which makes sense in light of Jason’s reporting on Prey’s reboot in May 2013, in which it was billed as a sort of spiritual successor to System Shock 2.

Arkane Austin is developing the game. It will be out next year.