As part of today’s E3 press event, Bethesda revealed footage of Avalanche-developed post-apocalpytic shooter sequel, Rage 2.

The demo was preceded by a full-blown goddamn Andrew W.K. concert, which absolutely rocked and was completely wasted on an audience full of already-tired E3 attendees. I mean, look at this:



The actual game was cool, too. It began with a montage of car chases and a very angry man yelling about how he’s the last of his kind and “there’s only one thing left to do.” Then it shifted into a mission. The player immediately grabbed a car—if you can see it, you can steal it, apparently—and began blowing up other cars with all manner of artillery. They made it to a space center, which was being vandalized by a bunch of mohawked bandits. The player proceeded to zip around on foot and positively obliterate them with a hail of gunfire and grenades.


Then the focus briefly shifted to a wacky TV commercial one of the bandits was watching before returning to fast-paced bandit gibbing. The shotgun produced especially gruesome results, leaving people in meaty piles that’d make Doom demons blush. The person piloting the demo also employed grenades that appeared to have gravity altering properties, one of which catapulted him into the air, allowing him to crash down on a bandit. The demo ended with the player being ambushed by a massive football-player-looking mutant, at which point the player went into some kind of rage-induced super mode.

It looks kinda like Avalanche’s Mad Max game from a few years ago, but ten times wackier and with a way bigger budget. That’s good, because Mad Max owned, actually.

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