Bethesda Announces Rage 2 [UPDATE: Gameplay Trailer]

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After a week of teasing, viral leaking, and marketing plans, today it’s finally official: Rage is getting a sequel, out in 2019.


UPDATE (5/15, 10am): Here’s the gameplay trailer:

And here’s the Mad Max-ish teaser trailer:

This one will be developed by Avalanche Studios, the studio responsible for the 2015 open-world Mad Max game. The first Rage, developed by id Software and released in 2011, received mediocre reviews. 

In 2012, as we reported, id Software was planning its own version of Rage 2 before Bethesda canceled it and refocused the studio on the new Doom, which was going through a brutal development cycle. Thanks to some reboots, some management changes, and a lot of talented people, id Software recovered to release 2016's Doom, a highly-regarded new entry in the series that wound up on the top of many Game of the Year lists.

So why would Bethesda make a new Rage game? For starters, Bethesda marketing boss Pete Hines has teased it, suggesting that the first Rage sold well enough to justify a sequel. And as we saw from last year’s Prey—which had nothing to do with the first Prey, and which many developers at Arkane didn’t actually want to call Prey—Bethesda does not like throwing away its old brands, even when they’re hopping between studios, genres, and ideas.



Good! The first game wasn’t that bad, it just had a terrible fall-flat ending and I think the PC launch might have drained it’s hype. The guns were great, the combat was great, and the co-op was really, really awesome. Hopefully the sequel is more polished.