Our First Proper Look At PUBG's Desert Map

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Bluehole Studios showed off PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’s new map Miramar tonight at The Game Awards. The massive desert map features new vehicles and terrain. It’s also probably really hot and sweaty.

Miramar is a larger desert area that’s been teased for some time. The trailer above gives us our first look at the map in action. It’s dusty, with a mixture of ramshackle villages and massive mining complexes. The map will also feature unique vehicles like an off-road pickup truck.


If you’re eager to play, you won’t have to wait long. The map will be available on the game’s test servers tonight at 12 PM PST. It will be officially released with the launch of the game’s 1.0 release on December 20th. Additionally, a preview period for the Xbox One port will take place on December 12th.

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When’s this coming to PS4? I’m glad Xbox got it first so that they can fix all the complications with going from pc to console but this announcement still doesn’t convince me the PS4 is gonna get the game.