Following tonight's Cirque du Soleil performance in Los Angeles, Microsoft gave us a first look at many of Kinect's first titles, most of which we'd never seen before.

Most promising may well be a Star Wars game, developed by Microsoft and Lucasarts, that features controller-free lightsaber duels, complete with force powers like "force push".


Kinect Sports, the most obvious clone of a Wii title, includes beach volleyball (which has Xbox Live multiplayer), bowling, hurdles, javelin and soccer.

Kinectamals, meanwhile, is looking a lot like the cross between EyePet and Nintendogs you already think it is, as we were shown a girl training her pet tiger, as well as directly interacting with it through things like being able to pet the kitty.


MTV's dance game is...a dance game, which in keeping with the Rock Band series' legacy is built upon the basics of dance and timing instead of simply waving your arms around. Though you will also be waving your arms around.

Also shown off was a video chat service, called...Video Chat, which uses the Natal camera to let you chat with other Xbox 360 users.


Perhaps the most interesting thing we saw all night, however, was the gesture-based control system for the Xbox 360's dashboard that Kinect allows. Your hand can move an on-screen cursor around (Kinect able to track your own hand's movements), while menus can also be traversed doing things like swiping your hands.