With yesterday’s release of the three figures comprising the fifth and final wave of announced toys our first trip around the LEGO Dimensions is complete. Let’s take a look at the massive cross-property army and what it cost to assemble them.

LEGO Dimensions has had a great first year in the toys-to-life category, delivering signature LEGO game fun alongside toys that, unlike their competition, kids (like me) can actually play with. And while I was saddened by yesterday’s announcement that Disney Infinity had been cancelled, that sadness lasted only until I realized that all of that series’ properties had LEGO licenses as well—LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Marvel Superheroes and even LEGO Disney minifigures.


Of course that’s just me speculating on a toys-to-life merger that would completely dominate the category and make my life wonderfully hellish for years to come.

The fifth wave of Fun Packs for LEGO Dimensions represents the final release of content announced at the launch of the game back in September of last year. We’ve got Slimer from Ghostbusters with Slime Canon, Ninjago’s golden boy Lloyd and his dragon, and finally Bane, DC Comics steroid abuser, with his drill vehicle.


Here they are as they appear in the game. Remember the game? LEGO Dimensions is also a video game. Sometimes I forget.

The inclusion of these three and their corresponding rides brings the grand total to 44 figures and 48 vehicles/accessories. At suggested retail pricing ($12 per Fun Pack, $25 per team pack, $30 per level pack and $99 for the basic game at launch), the grand total for a complete set comes to something like $704.

The good news is there are sales on this stuff all the time. GameStop is having LEGO Dimensions day on May 14, where everything is cheap as hell.

The bad news is it isn’t over yet. From yesterday’s official announcement of the release of wave five:

“These Fun Packs round out the first five waves of LEGO Dimensions expansion packs, with many new expansion packs based on more of the world’s biggest entertainment brands to be revealed soon. The LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack will remain the entry point for a gaming system of play that will offer continued compatibility – everything bought today and expansions added tomorrow will continue to work together.”

We’ve already seen leaks involving DC Comics’ Supergirl and Green Arrow. How big is this army going to get? Best we get pictures now, before it becomes too large to frame.

The army assembled.

Lord Generic Villain I’ve forgotten about at this point stands absolutely no chance. Expand the picture for a look at the vehicles, won’t be going into those group-by-group. Quite fond of most of them, particularly the Scooby-Doo Scooby Snack (a LEGO Sandwich), the Companion Cube and the TARDIS.

The property with the largest number of figures, thanks to Batman’s inclusion in the core game, is definitely DC Comics. We’ve got a tiny Justice League going on here, though we could use a little Green Lantern, maybe a bit of Flash.

The kids just love that Ninjago, don’t they? Might have been nice to have some more villainous types in the crew, but we’ve got enough to pretend they are Power Rangers.

Ah, my beloved Chima. The animal-style LEGO theme was discontinued earlier this year, but we’ll always have Dimensions.

Gamdalf, Gimli, Gollum are The Lord of the Rings’ G-men, while Legolas only made the cut because his name has LEGO in it. Gollum remains a lazy-ass figure.

I did not lose Krusty’s figure base. It’s in this office somewhere, dammit. Maybe I lost it a little.

The Ghostbusters managed to add three characters to the mix, only one of which is an actual (real?) Ghostbuster. Translucent Slimer is the best.

I have nothing but love for LEGO Doctor Who. Technically the Peter Capaldi figure is 13 different guys, regenerating every time he dies in game. His deaths are adorable. My only issue is K-9 is his accessory instead of a standalone figure, an issue assuaged by being able to ride around on the robot dog’s back.

Another adorable collaboration, Doc Brown and Marty from Back to the Future were a big draw for the game.

Still desperately trying to keep Scooby-Doo relevant. The Doo himself is a beast underwater, which makes no sense but we’ll keep him.

Security guy was the best partner we could find for Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt?

Finally we have the loners, the rebels. Portal’s Chell, Midway Arcade Guy and The Wicked Witch of the West may have felt like filler if their adventure levels weren’t so damn good.

Oh! Almost forgot The LEGO Movie cast. How could I leave out Unikitty? What kind of monster am I?


So there we have it, 44 characters across 14 different entertainment properties, all ready to take on lord whatever his name was, collect bits and ask questions like how much are we willing to pay for interactive LEGOs.

I’ve still got some change left. Keep ‘em coming.