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Our First Good Look At Dragon Quest XI

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An opening cinematic for Dragon Quest XI as well as some gameplay were both shown off by Square Enix at this year’s Jump Festa. The company also confirmed that the game is scheduled to release in Japan sometime in 2017.

The above trailer shows what the Dragon Quest XI world, called “Lotozetasia,” will look like on both PS4 and 3DS (hint: blue skies, green fields, lots of monsters), while the below one offers an introduction to Camus, the game’s spiky, blue-haired thief.

Gematsu reports that the game’s director, Takeshi Uchikawa, said of the game’s world, “It is a vast map comparable to previous Dragon Quest titles. It won’t betray your expectations.” And according to Siliconera, the game will be focused on a central hero but will be similar to Dragon Quest IV in how the main party of characters is formed.

Dragon Quest XI will be a stand alone RPG, unlike its predecessor, Dragon Quest X, which was an MMO. It will also be the first game since Dragon Quest VIII to appear on a PlayStation platform. There is also a version of the game in development for the Nintendo Switch.


You can watch the full presentation on the game from Jump Festa below.