Our Favorite Video Game Characters of the Last Generation

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Video games immerse us in worlds beyond our own, letting us encounter sights and sounds beyond our imaginations. But no matter the scenery, what would these worlds be without the characters we have fought alongside and grown emotionally attached to over the past eight years?


With the impending release of the PlayStation 4, today is the last day in which we here at Kotaku will look back and explore the heroes (and zeroes) of gaming’s seventh console generation. But instead of me telling you who the greatest characters of the generation are, let’s all contribute and make a master list together. After all, there are many great characters out there and no doubt they have touched us all in different ways.


To keep this list easy to read and enjoy, let’s all follow these rules.

1) Home console game characters only: Yes, I know. Portable gaming and PC gaming have had a lot of memorable characters in their own right, but this is a list celebrating the seventh home console generation, so let’s keep it to those. Of course, if a portable or PC game has been ported to the Wii, PS3, or 360, it’s totally fair game.

2) Please follow this format, including bold text:

Youtube Link of the Character in Action/Picture of the Character (No spoilers please!)

Character: The name of the character

Game: The name of the game

Platform: Which console the game is on

Why this is a great character: Why is this character so great?

Favorite memory: Your favorite memory of said character

If you need an example to work from, check out the posts in the comments done by me or other Kotaku authors.

Oh, and if you copy/paste the above outline, be sure to select it all in your comment and hit the "pullquote" button (that looks like " quotation marks) so that you remove pullquote formatting.

3) Only post each character once: Be sure to see if your favorite character already has a post in the comments. If he or she already has one, feel free to reply and add your own “why this is a great character” and “favorite memory,” but don’t make a new, independent post.


4) Spoiler tags are your friend: As we are talking about characters and why we like them, we’ll no doubt be talking about more than a few spoilerific things. So please put in a bold **Spoilers** tag or the like before your comment as a warning to the uninitiated.

5) Don't write non-entry comments on this post: Instead, comment on others' entries, if you've got something to say about them.


6) Feel free to enter more than one character! There are tons of great characters out there; give them all a little love.

All right, now that the ground rules are out of the way, let’s get to it! Let’s celebrate the greatest characters of the last generation!


Last-Gen Heroes is Kotaku's look back at the seventh generation of console gaming. In the weeks leading up to the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, we'll be celebrating the Heroes—and the Zeroes—of the last eight years of console video gaming. More details can be found here; follow along with the series here.

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Character: Garrus Vakarian

Game: Mass Effect Trilogy

Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii U (ME3)

Why this is a great character: Garrus is one of the few crew members of the Normandy to accompany you through all three games. Beginning as a capable crew member he slowly becomes a leader in his own right by the end of the series and his ideas of loyalty and justice never seem forced. As Shepard, you spend the first two games guiding and supporting Garrus through his own troubles and by the third he becomes the rock that can support Shepard, a soldier that knows the stakes of the fight but won't let that hold you down. If you decide to romance him his fumbling attempts at flirtation are delightful and if not, baring not romancing another crew member, he has a rather sweet moment with that individual. He really felt like an old friend by the third game.

Favorite memory: So when ME2 was in development and being shown off leading up to release, I was in a financially difficult spot so I intentionally avoided all information on the game since I knew it would be some time before playing it. Some months after the game released, by the grace of God avoiding everything about that game, I finally picked it and sat down to play. I knew there were new characters and not all crew members would return so when I took the mission to get Archangel, I figured it was some new turian. I let out an audible, "GARRUS?!" when he took that helmet off. Looking back the clues were obvious but the wait to play that game paid off when I saw my old friend. My biggest smile came when I missed that shot on purpose in ME3.