December—a time for snow, Doctor Who Christmas specials, and slow game releases. But slow doesn’t mean we didn’t come across anything worth checking out. And so, below is what we played and liked in December.


Mike played the Kickstarted reboot of Harmonix’s rhythm game, and found more of the same stuff he fell in love with back in 2003.

You can buy the game for PS4, starting tomorrow.

ARK: Survival Evolved

The ever-popular Steam dino survival game had its Xbox One debut last month. It was Mike’s first exposure to ARK, and he had a pretty good time.


You can buy the game for PC and Xbox One. Note that both versions are in Early Access.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate - Jack The Ripper

To Stephen’s experience, not only was Jack The Ripper a pretty good piece of AC DLC, but it also explored a historical topic that video games don’t often do.


You can buy the expansion for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You need to own Assassin’s Creed Syndicate to play it.

Aviary Attorney

Phoenix Wright, but with animals. Mike dug the concept, and the execution.

You can buy the game for PC.

Badland 2

Badland was a brilliant mobile puzzle-platformer with some problems. The sequel, Mike found, eliminates those problems, for an all-around awesome game.

You can buy the game for iOS.

Dreamfall Chapters: Book Four: Revelations

It’s the fourth installment in Red Thread Games’ adventure series. If Richard’s impressions are any indication, this isn’t the chapter where you should stop playing.

You can buy the game for PC.

Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair

In this game filled with literal and figurative bugs, you need to focus on the destruction to get your money’s worth. That’s what Mike did, and he had tons of stupid fun.

You can buy the game for PS4.

Fast Racing Neo

Mike wants you to know that this is not a new F-Zero. It’s like a new F-Zero, though. It scratches that itch.

You can buy the game for Wii U.

Force of Elements

Mike found his perfect competitive online game in Force of Elements, a match-3 puzzler that looks like a MOBA.

You can buy the game for PC. Note that it’s in Early Access.

Pokémon Picross

Catching Pokémon by drawing pixel puzzles. This makes for a great game but, as Stephen notes, you might be annoyed by the free-to-play energy mechanic.

You can get the game for 3DS.

Progress to 100

This mobile puzzle game can get pretty obtuse with its solutions. But that didn’t stop Evan from finishing it.

You can buy the game for iOS.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

Mike had a blast with this fan-game-turned-official-game—a co-op brawler—based on the Rooster Teeth webseries.

You can buy the game for PC. Note that it’s in Early Access.


A more realistic Battlefield with large, daunting skirmishes. Nathan thought it made for a fascinating experience.

You can buy the game for PC. Note that it’s in Early Access.

Total War: Attila - Age of Charlemagne

The well-focused final downloadable campaign for Total War: Attila and—much to Luke’s joy—a bright end to the Rome II saga.

You can buy the DLC for PC. You need to own Total War: Attila to play it.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Night Dive Studios did a great job updating this shooter for modern systems. Mike’s had a lot of fun shooting dinosaurs.

You can buy the game for PC.

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