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Our Bonus Round Assault Continues

Following up on last week's installment of three video game obsessed nerds talking to the telegenic Geoff Keighley, this week's segment of the Bonus Round is lighter on sales talk, heavier on opinions.


Watch as we discuss our favorites from 2008 alongside our disappointments. We also wax about what sequels we want to see and our predictions for Spike TV game of the year. Oh, and don't miss my Care Bear Stare at 13:15.

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Good work on the show Michael. Good to see you keeping it real. Actually, you, Pachter and Ryan Davis have a really good rapport going there. A lot better than the Penthouse chick or some of the other people that I've seen on there that seem to have less than a clue about games.

And for you people ripping on Pachter, he is there to provide a business analysis and I think he does a good job at it. He knows he's not a hardcore gamer and he doesn't pretend to be, but sometimes we do need an outside perspective in order to better understand how gamers really think. Pachter provides a good balance to the real Game journalists on that show.