Otomedius Gets Gorgeous Xbox 360 Release

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Konami's cleavage-heavy entry in the Gradius spin-off series is coming to the Xbox 360, you know that. What was known as Otomedius in arcades will come home as Otomedius Gorgeous on September 25 for 6980 yen. That yen pricing obviously means this is only for Japan right now.


The Xbox 360 port will feature three-player coop, the ability to upload and download replay data via Xbox Live, and a versus mode that lets the Otomedius girls take on bosses from previous Konami games. This is unconfirmed, but we hear that the polygonal boobs will be even more spectacular for the home version. Clearly Konami is going all out.

We're currently bugging Konami about a Western release and will be knocked over with a feather should they even respond to our e-mails.

Otomedius Gorgeous Official Site [Konami.jp]


Nightshift Nurse


Sorry, but seeing the umpteenth shooter bite the dust on the 360 couldn't be satisfied by anything but a short, violent expletive.

How many more of this generation's releases is Microsoft determined to ruin for the rest of the world?

I guess now I know how the rest of the world felt when Konami announced Dracula X for the PC Engine...