You might know Kumamon as the official mascot character for Kumamoto Prefecture. Or you might know Kumamon as the bear from the “For the Glory of Satan” meme. Whichever, there are now a ton of them dotted throughout Osaka Station.

Sankei News reports that famed architect and Osaka-native Tadao Ando is supervising the project, which features 55 Kumamon in Osaka Station as part of a push for Kumamoto tourism. The display is surreal.

[Image: doux_01]

[Image: yamaga_sakurayu]

[Image: shigemac]

[Image: walrus738]

[Image: saint_left]

[Image: scarecrow_sk]

[Image: yamaga_sakurayu]

[Image: doux_01]

The statues will be on display until March 4. Why? For the glory of Satan, of course!

[Image: suga_mi]

Top image: meke25

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