Original Wolfenstein 3D Coming To Xbox Live Arcade

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The silliest, the biggest, the baddest Wolfenstein of them all, the original Wolfenstein 3D, is due for a release over Xbox Live Arcade, a product page on the service's website has revealed.


No press releases, no bullet points touting potentially upgraded HD graphics, no mention of screen borders for the 1992 classic. Just a product page, with no release date, from which we can at least glean the fact there'll be no multiplayer.

Wolfenstein 3D [Xbox]



The original Wolfenstein 3D is one of the first PC games I played, because no matter how crappy your PC was, Wolfenstein 3D would easily run on it. I remember thinking at the time, wow it's in 3D! It's the future of video games! Because at the time, very few games were in 3D.