Original Final Fantasy, Mega Man Hit PSN (With A Catch)

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(Sort of) Good news for anyone worried about the poor state of the retro game scene on the PSN: Final Fantasy 1 is out on the PSN, and a bunch of Mega Man games are coming. Only catch? Yup. They're Japan-only.


Final Fantasy was released yesterday. It's the PS1 re-release, which means it's the original with a few graphical tweaks and CG sequences, and is selling for ¥600 (USD$6).

Mega Man, meanwhile, is a little more complicated. See, Mega Man 9 has only just been released on the PSN in Japan, and to help kick things along, Capcom are running a competition. You win the competition, you get a copy of Rockman: Complete Works, which is a compendium of Mega Man 1-6.


If it helps any, there's no harm in praying to your God of choice that these will some day be released in the West.

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Rockman Complete Works is actually only the first game. The Complete Works series does span 1-6 but the titles were released individually, not as a collection.