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Oprah Audience Explodes Into Hysterics Over Free Xbox Kinects

We were kind of hoping today's Kinect plug on Oprah would mean she'd be piloting a virtual raft with her body, but the episode's YOU GET A KINECT! YOU GET A KINECT! YOU GET A KINECT! finale is even better.


Oprah's typical studio audience is, to put it politely, not exactly a core Xbox demographic—but from their reaction you would think George Clooney walked out on stage engulfed in flames with some sort of cupcake-firing bazooka. FREE STUFF! FOR FREEEE!

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It really pisses me off that a bunch of moms get a free kinect. yes its to promote the product and it can be used as a christmas gift, but for ppl that dont even know what a xbox and parents that still refer any game console as a "Playstation" its fucking stupid.

We hardcore gamers wait in the cold in line for midnight or a store opening and we arent even promised the product till we buy it or preorder it. I hate it when Companies like microsoft, dont treat their hardcore audience with anything. Ive been using the same gamertag since the Org. Xbox since year 1, and i havent got shit! I mean.. okay dont send me a kinect.. but maybe a few generous MS.Points or even discounts on some things cuz of loyalty. (incomes 1 n00b saying, you have xbox live gold deal of the week)... If we are paying for a subscription then give us something back... AND STFU PS+ Users... thats shits horrible...

To sum up... if companies do this kinda thing (give away shit for free to a dumbass audience), atleast do something for your hardcore peeps... please