Open Your Mind to Syndicate's Chip-tastic Ways

In the bleak corporate future of Syndicate, an intracranial DART 6 chip brings you before the "gateway into ultimate consciousness." This infomercial oozes Snow Crash-esque fiction, and know that in-game, you can toggle this augmented reality on and off. It coats your environment in a weird topographical aesthetic, highlights friends and foes through walls, and gives you extra firepower. If you haven't given the game a spin yet, give the multiplayer co-op demo a shot, out now on PSN and Xbox Live.


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Played the demo a few times last night, and while it definitely has issues (loading times were terrible, enemies didn't really stand out enough for me), I had a lot of fun.

What i saw of the RPGish elements seemed interesting, and I was already seeing several different ways you could build your character. Of course, that will be at least partially dependent on whether or not they let you max out every skill. Hopefully they won't. Not being able to replenish ammo at the ammo crates for the cool guns you get from enemies stinks, but that may be tied to whether or not you've got the weapon unlocked for yourself.

Also, the shogun felt all wrong, but whatever. Video games always get shotguns wrong anyway.