Only The Darkness II Could Reward Preorders with a Heart-Eating Bonus

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While The Darkness II doesn't hit store shelves until February 7, preordering now for a free upgrade to the limited edition would be good for your heart, and extremely bad for the hearts of your enemies.

Some people hate preorder bonuses. Some people dislike pricey special editions. It's hard, however, to hate on a free special edition as a preorder bonus, especially when it involves The Darkness II, the follow-up to one of the greatest comic book video games every made.

The free limited edition for The Darkness II is all about fun. It comes packed with a custom illustration by creator Mark Silvestri, free digital downloads of The Darkness Origins Volumes One and Two, and a "Crazy Abdul" outfit for one of your darkling friends.


Who's Crazy Abdul? Folks who played The Darkness might recall the name from one of hero Jackie Estacado's loading scenes: "Anyone who says the Manhattan subway is dangerous has never been in the back of a Yellow Cab, goin' ninety miles an hour, through the Midtown Tunnel, in the wrong direction, with a driver that doesn't speak a lick of English. My buddy, Crazy Abdul."

It also comes with two special character ability upgrades. There's Relic Hunter, which shows you collectible items in the world, and Gourmet Hearts, which provides a bonus for eating the hearts of your enemies, which is good, because we were gonna do that anyway.

They had me at Crazy Abdul. Preorder away!

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the only way im gonna preorder this is if they give me my own darkness...

boy if i do get that, someones gonna be sorry for eating my last Popsicle... -_-