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We would sure like more Wii memory space! That would be great and make people happy. Wait, strike that. One more time: That would be great and make geeks and otaku happy — at lease according to Nintendo of Europe. Website Next-Generation brings word of a recent Euro Nintendo event:

As is always the case with Nintendo's press events nowadays, the dirty word ‘casual' was raised at its WiiWare preview, only to be dismissed in favor of a distinction between gamers and non-gamers. Playing these semantic games is fine, but when a pertinent question about the limited Wii system memory was raised, Laurent Fischer, managing director of marketing at NOE, easily slipped into talking about how "geeks and otaku" were the only people who would want this issue addressed. This is oversimplifying something that will only become increasingly important as Wii developers explore the console's online service, whether through WiiWare or DLC, and is of concern to not only a niche section of the market that wants to buy into that content.


Because we all know that soccer moms will so be all over those WiiWare games. Laurent Fischer? Marketing genius.

Nintendo's Mixed WiiWare Messages [Next-Gen]

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