"Online Will Be Xbox 360 Breakthrough for Japan"

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Japan loves many things. For example, Louis Vuitton. Japan loves Louis Vuitton. iPods, Japan loves iPods. Japan does not love the Xbox 360. What does Bill Gates think about that? While visiting Japan, Microsoft founder Bill Gates did offer this:

Product share varies from country to country. In the US and the UK, the share [of Xbox 360] is high, but besides Japan, there are other areas we haven't penetrated. From now on, I think the breakthrough's going to be the online service, and you'll be surprised if you look at that.


You know something else that's surprising? The weekly Japanese sales figures.
Bill Gates Talks Online [Mainichi Thanks, Ben!] [Pic]

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Brian Ashcraft


No. Microsoft needs to start making Pokemon and Monster Hunter games. Mario games too, if possible.