Online Game Corps Not Panicking Over Time Warner Pricing

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A broadband tiered-pricing trial by Time-Warner Cable has rankled many, particularly gamers, who fear sock-it-to-me overages incurred by online gaming. Sony, Microsoft and OnLive have now weighed in, and they're not too worried.

The three companies, who manage three of the leading online gaming services (PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, OnLive), had the following to say to MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo. Again: These tiers have not been implemented yet. They will first be implemented in trials in August, in Rochester, N.Y. and Greensboro, N.C. Then they will go to San Antonio and Austin, Texas in October. No word on when it would take effect anywhere else.


Sony: "For most average users [Time-Warner's] 60GB plan is more than suitable for their PlayStation Network download needs," said Abigail Murphy, spokeswoman for Sony Computer Entertainment America. Murphy estimated that PSN multiplayers use anywhere from 25 to 55 MB per hour, and "significantly less" when they're in PlayStation Home. The 60GB "Turbo" plan will run $54.90 a month.

Microsoft: Straight boilerplate, which right now means little other than they're not too worried. ""We're watching these tiering proposals as they evolve. Microsoft supports an environment in which users can access the content, applications and services of their choice, provided their activities are lawful and fall within the scope of their user agreements." No estimates of what kind of throughput gamers incur for multiplayer or streaming Netflix.

OnLive: Its business is centered on a choice between standard-definition and high-def gaming, with no hardware necessary. Low-def gaming would need about 350MB per hour; high-def, around 950Mb. But founder Steve Perlman is not (yet?) troubled by Time-Warner's posture. "Bandwidth caps will be bumped into by conventional movie/TV viewing WAY before we start seeing OnLive users bumping into them," Perlman said. "It will be a very long time before OnLive comes anywhere near the broadband penetration of YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, mtv, abc/nbc/cbs/fox/, etc., if ever. So, we won't be the ones testing this issue."

Sony, MS, OnLive Weigh In On Tiered Internet Pricing [MTV Multiplayer]

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Bearded Bastard

the biggest problem with this is

a) is it an added fee ontop of your speed subscription (dsl, high speed lite, high speed, super high speed, etc)

or is it outright the only subscription which would bring us to

b)do they just make everyone have an average connection, basic high speed, then charge them for bandwidth?

then theres issue c

c) some internet connections would be better for paying 60 bucks a month than what they might give in their 60 dollar a month bandwidth fee.

in the end, it seems like no matter what its meant to squeeze more money out of people

seeing as lets say im playing battlefield, a game that uses a fair amount of bandwidth for a mainstream game(as in, not an mmo) it would range anywere from half a gig to a gig of bandwidth an hour, so what, that gives me 1-2 hours of play a day? even less when i factor in my normal internet usage while i play video games,

even worse for people who play wow, or eve or anyothewr mmo.

but i guess i just have to thank the fact im in canada and this has no bearing on me whatsoever