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Be careful who you meet online. On May 8 in China's Henan province, Gao Xin (not his real name) found out the hard way after going out with a woman he met on the internet.

Later, the woman's pissed off boyfriend approached Gao. The boyfriend, along with several friends, attacked him and inserted a 1.2-meter computer wire into, ahem, the 27 year-old's urethra.

According to news site Want China Times, Gao was afraid to tell his parents about the incident and too embarrassed to seek medical help. He unsuccessfully tried to remove the wire himself before finally visiting the hospital. Doctors were able to remove the wire via surgery. Thankfully, the injury will not cause permanent damage to Gao's reproduction organ.

Jealous boyfriend forces wire into Henan man's urethra

(Top photo: cristovao | ShutterStock)