Oneechanbara Takes Manhattan

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New Yorkers with a thirst for blood covered cowgirls may want to free up their Friday night, as the movie adaptation of Oneechanbaratrailer here—has its "international premiere" at the New York Asian Film Festival later this week. It looks to have all the narrative density of an informational pamphlet but does feature school girl outfits and biker chicks fighting the undead.

The Japanese hack and slash and tits and ass flick based on the D3 video game of the same name will be screened Friday, June 20 at 10:45pm and Wednesday, June 25 at 4:00pm at the IFC Center in New York City. Brain activity will be checked at the door.


Oneechanbara [Subway Cinema - thanks, Alan!]

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I second that "Machine Girl" is more than great enough to fill the space until this gets a decent Dvdri.....release on the internets.

Theres a lot of pretty awesome Japanese-schoolgirl-kills-everything movies out there, just gotta stumble across them whilst googling the ones you've already seen.

Trust me, it's worth wading your way through Machine Girl screenshots to find them, BELIEVE me.