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Watched so you don't have to! The New York Asian Film Festival recently kicked off, showing lots and lots of, you guessed it, Asian films. Included in that pan-Pacific cinematic buffet was OneChanbara — a film we actually want to see. That Girl from the cleverly named That Girl's Site saw the flick, blogging:

I went to go check out Chanbara Beauty on Friday but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I had a little too much to drink right before the movie so I didn't get to see it in its entirety because I fell asleep. I remember some zombies and some chick in a bikini named Aya who had a sword, and she used this sword to fight the zombies. At some point I woke up and she was fighting some other chick who was in a school uniform of some kind. I don't remember ever seeing this little girl [with arrow] in the movie so I have no idea who she is or what she has to do with the movie. And then the movie ended.


We would've remembered everything if we had seen it. But we didn't, so tough tooty.

OneChanbara Review [That Girl's Site]

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