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One Year And Counting, PSP Dominates My Subway

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

PSP. It's big on my subway.

In New York City, I mostly ride the subway to get to and fro. I take the 2 or 3 train a lot, the N or R. These days, though, I mostly take the wretched C. A ludicrous number of people on these trains have iPods. A year ago, I decided to start counting how many game systems I saw in their hands.

I counted them on that other blog I write for, and announced the results today:

The official MTV Multiplayer count is: 67 PSPs, 44 DSes, and 6 GBAs witnessed by me between 6/15/07 and 6/15/08.


There are many reasons the NYC subway is a great place for PSPs to thrive including...

-the presence of lots of adults who have time and money to play a game system

-a relative lack of kids (who surely would help raise the number of DS appearances)

-a noise level that has made it pointless for me to even try to play the DS' Ouendan 2 during my commute, headphones or not.

What could Sony learn from its subway success to boost the PSP in the rest of America?


PSP Tops DS In Our Informal Year-Long Subway Test [MTV Multiplayer] [Pic: Penny Arcade]