The notes scattered throughout Yharnam in Bloodborne can be helpful, trickery, or somewhere in-between. In the case of author Natalie Zed, however, she’s trying to leave behind poetry.

When playing Bloodborne, players carry a notebook. This notebook allows you to leave comments for other hunters by stringing together a set of different words and phrases.

Once you’ve picked a template, there’s another set of words you can choose from.


Zed, author of DOOM: Love Poems for Supervillains, is a fan of Bloodborne, and her Tumblr account has chronicled her attempts to spice up the otherwise darkly sarcastic notes abound.


“have mercy, keeper, or have audience with wrath”

“reeks of light, but it is all thanks to false god”

“nothing but light comes here, and the sky and the cosmos are one.”

Yharnam may not be an especially cheery place, but it’s lovely to watch the players do their best.


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