Recently, in the middle of the night, two young Chinese men snuck into the Shanghai Tower construction site. Their goal was to climb to the top, just as two European daredevils recently did.

One of the mysterious Chinese climbers apparently told newspaper DongFang Daily, "If foreigners can climb to the top, then we can, too." And, unless this is an elaborate hoax, the two achieve that feat.

Shanghai Tower is still under construction and is slated to open in 2015. But at 650 meters (which is 2,132 feet), it's the tallest structure in China and the second tallest building in the world.

There's not much info on either of them. They're apparently in their early 20s, and one of them is going by "Xiao Lin," but that's supposedly a pseudonym.

The video, which you can see below, was uploaded in China two days ago. So, obviously, the climb had to take place before that.

Have a look for yourself:

"We are Chinese dreamers," one of them said at one point in the clip. "We are here at China's tallest building at about 630 meters up in the air."

Both climbers made it safely back to the ground. That's good news, but this trend is bound to eventually end horribly.

2名中国90后爬上海中心 凌晨登顶摆拍惊险动作 [东方早报]

Eric Jou contributed to this article.

Video: Youku

Photos: Sina Weibo

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