One Very Good Reason to Be a Nintendo-Exclusive Gamer

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Tired of being picked on and looked down upon for being a Nintendo-exclusive console owner, commenter ClaudioIphigenia speaks up on Kotaku about the rather reasonable reasoning behind his brand loyalty.


So after having just replied to three different comments on why I only own a Nintendo console, I figured it was time for a Speak up on it.

Yes, you read that right, I only own Nintendo consoles. Now before you fly into a rage calling me a fanboy or whatever, get the whole story. My family doesn't have a ton of money. I have to forego a lot of things, but one thing my family has always been good about is my video gaming. An unfortunate side effect of the whole lack of funding is that I don't have as much money as I would like for every game that comes out. A lot of times I barely have enough money to get all the Wii/(3)DS games I want, and I shudder to think how owning a PS3 would add to that.

So yes, there are people out there who are older than 10 but younger than 65 who only own Wiis. Yes, those people are perfectly happy only owning a Wii. I have more games on that than I know what to do with. I'm not uninformed as some people insinuated yesterday, I know full well what I'm getting when I buy a Nintendo console. I'm buying something that probably won't get a ton of support from 3rd party developers, but will have the games that defined my gaming life thus far.

Not everyone who browses Kotaku has unlimited money to spend on gaming, which seems to be a hard concept for some users to grasp.

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While its totally your prerogative to own any console you want, I think your money argument is a bit weak. While its true the initial cost of a PS3 or 360 would be higher, the true cost of a console is in the games, not the console itself.

I have about 30-35 PS3 games and I got most of them in the $15-30 range (All new too). Nintendo, on the other hand, is horrible about dropping their prices. I think it was only at the beginning of this year that Nintendo started their budget priced "Nintendo Selects" line.

A quick visit to Amazon shows that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is $43. That came out mid-2010. Resistance 3? $31. inFamous 2? $35. Killzone 3? $24. Sony's biggest exclusive Uncharted 3 is $50 (and I got it for $47 at launch). All of those came out this year. If you wait for sales (like I usually do) you generally get them even cheaper. I hardly ever see good deals on Nintendo first party games though.

Also DS games are sooooo much more expensive than PSP games.