You might have seen One Piece before, but you’ve probably never seen it like this.

In the scene, we have Ace, Gold Roger, and Garp. Chinese artist Zhong Zhengxiang created the image, using tools like Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, and Photoshop.

It’s an original tableau, and on ZBrush Central, the artist explains what the work means:

The orginal idea comes from Gol d. Roger was beheaded and his son Portgas·D· Ace repeated his father’s fate in a decades later. There’s a important person I have to mention is Navy General Monkey D. Garp. He is Gol·D ·Roger’s best friend and also rise Portgas·D· Ace up as his own family member.But they are also navy and pirates hostile relations of contradictions.

It shows between the friendship mingled with the hostile relations’s in the contradiction results.

Have a look at the detail on display here.


Here is another look at the 3D models:

Truly incredible work. Unlike a lot of 3D anime rendering, this one works. And works damn well.


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