One Piece Localization or Censorship? [Update]

Cigarettes into lollipops, guns into water guns, wine into water. These aren't religious miracles, but rather, something else entirely. Hooray!

Japanese anime One Piece has been localized for the U.S. market, and that localization isn't limited linguistic translation, but a cultural localization with things like cigars and cleavage erased.

Bathing, which in Japan is done totally naked and with strangers at hot springs and public baths, is turned into swimming with characters dressed in bathing suits.


In the above clip, the Japanese original anime is on the left and the American version is on the right.

Originally a manga, One Piece has also been spun off into nearly 30 video games for systems ranging from the WonderSwan and the PS2 to the Nintendo DS and the Wii.

Update: As those who who watch One Piece in English are well aware, the series is currently available in North America in an unedited and uncut version. The previous version was heavily censored.

アニメ『ワンピース』、日本版とアメリカ版ではこんなに違う [へちま]

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bobtheduck in Korea

You know what anime series is much more interesting and much more closely related to games, considering it started with a game experiment?

Serial Experiments Lain.

Anyone who's played MGS2 would be familiar with the way the second third of the show plays out. MGS2 lifted its "educational" portion format right out of Lain.

And they didn't quite steal the WTF from Lain, but Lain may very well have MORE of it than MGS2. Just more serious, that's all...

EDIT: That vid didn't have "Present day, present time, haha" That's a very important part of the opening. It's why I hate getting musical soundtracks... They leave out things they don't consider part of the "songs" but in fact, they are part of the feel as a whole.