One Piece Is Getting A Spin-off Manga

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Debuting in 1997, One Piece has gone on to become the most successful manga ever. And this year, it’s getting a spin-off.

Titled One Piece Episode A, the manga is based on the novelization One Piece Novel A. Eiichiro Oda is, of course, created for creating the original manga, but will not be doing this spin-off. Instead, it will be headed up by Ryo Ishiyama and artist Bochi of Dr. Stone fame.

The tagline for the above teaser image reads, “How did he live?”

One Piece Episode A will begin serialization in volume 10 of One Piece Magazine, which goes on sale today in Japan. Coming in at 54 pages, with three color pages, it’s a rather large debut.


According to Livedoor News, One Piece Magazine began publication in 2017 as part of the manga’s 20th anniversary.

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Titled One Piece Episode A, the manga is based on the novelization One Piece Novel A.

So what’s the novel about? The picture tells me nothing. Is it about Luffy’s internal anguish after Ace was murdered in front of him, and his daily effort to pretend put on a false smile and care anymore about finding One Piece and becoming King of the Pirates? Is it about Ace’s life as a pirate before he went after Teach? Is it an alternate universe where Ace survived the wound but became crippled and now is stuck in a bed/chair on some hidden island, trapped forever with the guilt that his actions got Whitebeard and most of his friends killed in the attack on Marineford?