One-On-One Jump Scare Game Hide And Shriek Launches Next Week

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Coming to Steam on October 25, Hide and Shriek is an online game that tasks two players with scaring the living shit out of each other. Developer Funcom has released a new trailer demonstrating exactly how that works.


Are jump scares more frightening when someone else is controlling them directly? On one hand there’s the element of randomness. You never know what the other player has placed where, so there’s no real knowing what’s coming. On the other, you are connected to the responsible party directly, so retribution is swift and reflexive cursing even more so.

I’ll give Hide and Shriek a try when it comes out next week. Probably just the one, followed by a shaky uninstall. I am weak.

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God, the nuance of something like the original Resident Evil’s first dogs appearance, or the tension of the shotgun/Jill Sandwhich room, is just gone from horror games, isn’t it?