But first, the question that must be asked is whether or not this is even a burger. Is it? I’m not so sure.

Fast food chain Lotteria, no stranger to peculiar burgers ( here , here , here , and here ), is rolling out a “Shrimp-Less Burger” (エビなしバーガー or Ebi Nashi Baagaa). Most fast food restaurants in Japan are fairly normal! Lotteria, though, is bonkers.

In short, it’s a shrimp burger, minus the fried shrimp patty. So, you get a bun, some lettuce, and tartar sauce and...that’s it! Great news if you like veggies, bread, and tartar sauce.


[Photo: Celestialian]

This is what we’re talking about. Remember, the official name of this meal has the word “burger” in it.


[Photo: kashiwagiyukios]

I don’t see a burger between these buns.


[Photo: tokiwakagura]

Nope. No patty.


[Photo: cyanchiba]

Below, this notice apologizes to those who love the shrimp burger, saying that this shrimp-less burger is surprisingly good.


[Photo: niezhooo]

Some people online agree. Others are baffled. But some are impressed with Lotteria’s savvy, especially with that 210 yen—US$1.75 price tag. That’s kinda pricey for bread, tartar sauce, and a piece of lettuce, no? The whole thing is a clever stunt on Lotteria’s part.


[Photo: LovePerfume_AVA]

As you can see, there are in-store promotions for the “Shrimp-Less Burgers.”


[Photo: ixa_830]

The burger is unusual enough that people are taking photos of people taking photos of the store displays.

This has opened up a deeper discussion. Can you really came something a burger if it doesn’t have a patty of some sort? Why isn’t this just a veggie burger?


Maybe because this started out as an April Fool’s Day joke. Now it’s a real burger, er, sandwich, er, thing. Whatever.

[Photo: IamN]

The shrimp-less shrimp burger is available for a limited time only. Later this month, Lotteria will launch a new shrimp burger, which will have a shrimp patty. Maybe they can do a bun-less version of that.


Top photo: Lotteria

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