One of the Rarest Games on Earth is About The Bible

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Once believed to be a hoax, vintage Atari game Red Sea Crossing has in recent years emerged as one of the holy grails of video game collecting, owing partly to the fact that it's believe only two known copies exist on the entire planet. And also because it's about Moses.

Programmed by Steve Schustack in 1983, the 2600 title was never marketed in games magazines, instead being targeted solely at religious publications. While Schustack believes only 500 copies were ever manufactured, the fact there are only two known copies - and the slightly bizarre nature of the title - has made them very interesting.

The game is loosely based on Moses' crossing of the Red Sea, and you can see footage of it in action above. An auction for one of the two copies wound up earlier today, with the game selling for over $10,000 (the seller made the video up top). A steal if you ask me, given how rare and weird this game is.


Red Sea Crossing Atari 2600 (R10) – One Of Two Known Copies [GameSniped]

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Thaddeus Baddeus

Oh, collectors. It tickles me that in this age of emulators and torrents, there is still a market for this. It's even funnier because they're usually terrible games, but they somehow stand entirely on the merit of being "rare". It's not an antique, it's some found garbage.

I swear, I should just start making shitty games, put 'em on old cartridges, and pawn them off as an extremely rare Atari carts on eBay. I could retire.