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One of the PC's Best Strategy Games is Coming to the iPad [Update: No It's Not!]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As hinted at a month ago, Paradox Interactive, masters of the big PC strategy game, will be shrinking one down for play on something a little more portable.


Hearts of Iron, the company's big World War Two series, will be hitting the iPad on October 4.

Those wondering just how it's been shrunk down, there's not much gameplay to be found in a live-action clip starring make-believe Nazis, but a few shots at the end seem to suggest the interface has been streamlined a little for the touch-screen input.


UPDATE - Well, this is bizarre. Publishers Paradox have contacted us to let us know that the game on display here, by developers Herocraft, is not actually their Hearts of Iron. A Paradox rep tells Kotaku:

At the start, it was meant to be, however a decision early on in the process was made that the developers carry on developing the game as their own product and that it should not be related to Hearts of Iron.

So while this is called Hearts of Iron Mobile, and looks just like Paradox's game, it's not actually Paradox's game. It's Herocraft's. Weird, I know, but that's the story!

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