One of the Oldest Video Games Makes a Comeback

Lunar Lander is about as old as video games get. You'd nearly all have played a variation of the game at one point or another, but soon you'll be able to play one that's a little fresher.


Indie developer Sean Edwards is working on a PC game called Lunar Flight, which is a modern take on the old 2D classic, bringing the moon-jumping gameplay into the third dimension (with some sim-like elements along for the ride). It runs in Unity, too, meaning that if you've got a half-decent PC it'll chug along right in your browser.

You can check out a length demonstration trailer above, and read more at the game's official site here.



oh god YES!!!!


i absolutely loved Moonbase Alpha and i desperately wanted more from what was essentially a demo.

I'm gonna love this and if it managed to get incorporated into a mission type structure like MBA...oh yes...much fun would be had by all..