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A new patch for Death Stranding went live today that finally makes the extended animation that takes place when encountering BTs completely optional.

Death Stranding is a long game made even longer by the repetition of bespoke animations. One of said animations revolved around the Odradek Terrain Scanner, the strange-looking piece of equipment that hangs over Sam’s shoulder and alerts him when BTs are around.

Everytime you run into them, which is quite often, especially in the later part of the game, the Odradek takes its time popping its head up while the player is stuck waiting through this animation for the game to resume.


Thanks to today’s update, that animation can now be turned off by going into the settings menu. It’ll still happen the first time Sam encounters BTs, but every time after that, the game will continue right along without momentarily screeching to a halt.

Don’t take it personally, Odradek, we still love you. 

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