One Of The Best JRPGs Comes To PC Next Week

If you read Random Encounters with any regularity, you have probably seen me obsess over The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, a wonderful role-playing game that came out for the PSP back in 2011.


Excellent news for anyone who somehow missed it: Trails will be out on Steam and GOG next Tuesday, July 29. This version is just $20, and it's full of improvements—wide-screen resolution support, 60 FPS, etc.

If you're into lengthy turn-based role-playing games with deep, twisty stories, I cannot recommend this game enough. The only big downside is that it ends on one hell of a cliffhanger, though we should see the sequel, "Second Chapter," this year too. (SC was originally slated for this summer, but XSEED has since announced that it probably won't be out until later this year.


Scooby Doo

If ends on a massive to be continued style cliff hanger I will hold off until the second one comes out and can then gain some actual closure to the story if buy both at that time and that's providing the second one does not also end on a giant cliff hanger that requires the purchase of a third game to feel like gained closure.

I also do not have 100% faith that the second one will be released on time or potentially at all so I will be cautious and wait till it is. I simply hate getting to the end of a game or book and yet gain no closure to event's/the main plot within it yet expected to buy a second book or game to finish the first ones story.

Same reason I have never bought LotR books or movies until the final episode of the trilogy was released and sold together so that I could pick it up and start it knowing there actually is a satisfying conclusion and the same goes for Telltales games waiting until the full season has been released. Things like starting watching a TV series yet the show gets cancelled and the main story unresolved, things like that I hate.

If there is no satisfying conclusion to a product then your just paying to create a void you cannot fill until years after put the first one down and that's only if they continue to release follow up titles in which case that void will remain forever. Obviously satisfying part is subjective to personal tastes but if the cliff hanger ending is as big as you say above then I see no reason why I would want to buy something that cannot finish or gain closure by the end. As such I think 'one of the best jRPG' does not fit with your description, best would require a satisfying conclusion to which you admit does not have.