Lumino City is a gorgeous thing that anyone who enjoys pretty video games needs to play immediately. But while we've covered its exquisite hand-made backgrounds before, now that the game is out, we get to see something else that's neat: the game's intro sequence, which is one of the coolest I've ever seen.


You can see it below, in a clip recorded by Dark Adonis. There's just so much to love. How the stark design clashes with the look of the actual game. How it manages to display a movie-style credits sequence while keeping the player involved (other games with cinematic ambitions, LEARN FROM THIS). And, well, how it just looks fabulous in its own right.

I haven't yet finished Lumino City, so I can't exactly review it right now or anything, but I'm enjoying it; it's a decent little adventure game, one that I'd play to the end even if it was the worst adventure game ever made because it all just looks so lovely.

Lumino City is out now on Steam.

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