One Of South Park: The Stick of Truth's Greatest Surprises

South Park: The Stick of Truth is full of hilarious surprises, but there's one that really stood out to me: Canada, the most delightful section in the game.

If you plan on playing Stick of Truth, you might want to wait until you see this in game, because the surprise is wonderful. But if you're curious, and you want to see one of the best scenes of Stick of Truth, here's what it's like.


Spoiler warning goes here.

As you might expect, Stick of Truth takes you to the frosty northern region of Canada, which is frequently featured in the show. As you also might expect, the bulk of Stick of Truth looks just like an episode of South Park.



Canada, though? Well... here's a short video I captured from my playthrough on the 360:

It's absolutely fantastic—especially the 8-bit rendition of "Blame Canada" and some other little surprises that I won't ruin here. Stick of Truth is lovely. Hopefully developer Obsidian can patch out the bugs soon, so I can change that review to a YES.


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