One of Japan's Crappiest Looking Games...Delayed!

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No, really. Daisenryaku Perfect: Ruler of the Battlefield looks ugly. The game might be great—the most compelling ever to grace this Earth. It still looks awful.


But according to the game's official site, Daisenryaku Perfect: Ruler of the Battlefield has been delayed. Again. It was delayed last May and pushed to the fall. It didn't make that release, and now it's supposed to be out this April.


The game is being delayed to "further improve quality."

As previously posted, the game is a port of the incredibly buggy PSP version—a game so buggy that some said it was unplayable.

大戦略PERFECT~戦場の覇者~ [SS-Alpha]

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So we're making fun about some game from hobby developers without budgets now?

That's pretty low in my book.