One of Grand Theft Auto V's Achievements Is... Surprising

Illustration for article titled One of emGrand Theft Auto Vs/em Achievements Is... Surprising

Xbox360Achievements does their thing once again, this time revealing the achievements for the next Grand Theft Auto. If you'd like to be spoiled on what these are, keep reading—otherwise, steer clear!


You can read the full list of achievements here, but let's talk about "From Beyond The Stars." It'll require you to collect and return spaceship parts. Yes, spaceship parts!

Beyond that, some of you might be interested in hearing that some of these achievements pertain to GTA Online—the mode that won't be available until October 1st. Looks like you'll need to hop online if you want to get the full 1,000 achievement points for the game—sorry, single-player folks!


Grand Theft Auto V Achievements [Xbox360Achievements]

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The Owl Bard

*crosses fingers*

Multiplayer Fights on the Moon, and i'm talking about low gravity jumps and stuff!!!