Fallout 76’s upcoming Wastelanders expansion will add two new faction settlements: settlers and raiders. One of these looks like a Lincoln Log fort while the other is made out of a crashed space station. Can you guess which one players are already gravitating towards?

Yesterday, Bethesda shared some screenshots of the two new locations and more information about the people living there. The settlers, led by Paige (the former head of the D.C. Construction Workers Union), are a hard-working, salt of the earth lot who have taken up refuge in Spruce Knob toward the southeastern part of the map. The raiders, meanwhile, have come back to Appalachia to take back territory they’ve claimed for themselves before it falls into the hands of the settlers.


Their leader, Meg, looks like she’s seen some shit out in the wasteland and probably isn’t one for negotiating mutually beneficial deals. The crashed space station she and her gang call home is up in the northern edge of the map, and frankly it looks way more fun. Most raider camps tend to look like if your friend of a friend’s screamo band played their basement show inside of a scrapyard barbeque pit, but Meg’s looks like a sci-fi arcade.

“In Wastelanders I’m going to check out the settlers,” wrote one person on Reddit. “If they are blowing glass, making electronic components, making their own ceramics...I’ll stay. But if it’s an entire camp of Sturges hammering at the same section of wall for months I think I have to go raider.”


Sturges was a synth repairman from Fallout 4 who never did jack shit. Understandably, some players are worried that the big NPC update many are expecting to finally make Fallout 76 good will only repeat some of the last game’s more uninspired moments. “Nothing beats protecting the innocent, but I do envy the raiders and their space station town,” wrote another player.

The new characters, dialogue trees, quests, and romance options coming in the Wastelanders update will all be based in one of the two new settlements, with Bethesda heavily implying that a player’s reputation with one will hurt their reputation with the other, forcing them to choose one over the other.


Based on their sense of style and interior design, I’m gonna have to go raiders on this one, despite my deep-rooted commitment to labor solidarity.

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