One Of Disney Infinity's Mobile Apps Is Amazing. Not This One.

This is Disney Infinity: Action!, a free movie-making, do-it-yourself marketing tool. It's actually rather nifty, but not as nifty as the Disney Infinity: Toy Box app.


Disney Infinity: Action!, hitting iTunes and the Windows Store tomorrow with Android coming soon, is a toy for making movies with all of your Infinitized Disney friends. Users unlock characters, discover new animations and prop, and use them to create movie magic. It's really easy to use — this took me all of 20 seconds:

Well, 15 seconds and the minute it took to connect my iPad to the PC and transfer the movie over. The app does have built-in support for YouTube and Facebook sharing, but it costs coins. Coins can either be purchased quickly or earned slowly by experimenting with characters and props to discover new animations. It's a little odd, a user-generated marketing toy asking for cash, but I suppose some people will do anything to battle cartoon Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Action! is just the fluff, anyway. The Disney Infinity: Toy Box app is where the excitement is.

It's a tool that allows players to create, edit, and test levels for the console versions of Disney Infinity's creative Toy Box mode. They'll be able to start from scratch on the iPad with a limited tool set, or sync up with their console and unlock every single tool and prop they've unlocked in the full game.


Start creating a level on your console, download it to the iPad and work on it during lunch at work. Or just create a level from scratch on the tablet and share it when you're damn well ready.

The Disney Infinity: Toy Box app is coming to the iPad in the coming weeks. Mr. Incredible is included with the app, and codes inside physical Disney Infinity toys wil unlock additional characters.


If you'd rather make silly movies, Disney Infinity: Action! is out tomorrow for iOS and Windows 8 portables.

Disney Infinity proper hits the Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and 3DS on Sunday, August 18.



Does the ToyBox app let you play the actual game? Will there be an Infinity game for iOS?