One Of Call Of Duty's Greatest Heroes Died Today

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Today marks the passing of one of Call of Duty’s finest soldiers. After valiantly fighting his way through nearly three entire Modern Warfare games, one Task Force 141 didn’t make it back from the October 11, 2016 mission to assassinate terrorist leader Vladimir Makarov.

Spoilers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 follow. Surely someone is worried about that.

During the “Blood Brothers” missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Captain John Price, Russian loyalist Yuri and Captain John “Soap” MacTavish undertake a mission in Prague to assassinate the villainous Makarov.


Unfortunately, Makarov was tipped off to the assassination plot, and the tower Yuri and Soap were posted in was destroyed.

Captain MacTavish was fatally wounded in the incident.

Soap first appeared in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as a plucky young sergeant serving in the SAS special forces. He eventually became a Captain in Task Force 411, a multinational anti-terrorist unit. He’s one of the series most recognizable characters, and he will be missed.

Players will be able to relive Soap’s early days in Modern Warfare Remastered, the digital download accompanying next month’s release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Rest in peace, Soap. The world is a slightly dirtier place without you.

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Man, the narrative progression of these games is so bizarre. Like, I actually think they did some clever things with the way they switch between specific characters in the first two MW games. I like how in the first MW, Soap is the newbie but you swap back to Price for the flashback mission. Then in MW2, Soap is now the badass mentor and you assume you’ll be playing as the new guy the whole game. Of course, there’s the sudden betrayal by people you thought were on your team and your character is killed. The plot of the game is revealed to have some very direct connections to the first MW, so in order to resolve the plot, you become Soap again.

That’s not brilliant or anything, but it’s a pretty clever way to reinforce the narrative themes through the character swapping.

Then in MW3 you’re just... a bunch of random guys who are introduced in that game and then they kill off the closest thing the MW series has to a main protagonist.

He’s not even really killed in a memorable way, either. Just sorta... got caught in an explosion.

I wonder how much Infinity Ward losing a lot of people who worked on the first two MW games lead to MW3 doing weird things like this. As weird as it is to talk about MW games in terms of narrative, it really felt like MW3 lost the thread in a lot of ways.