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One Million Players Join DC Universe Online One Week After It Goes Free-to-Play

Illustration for article titled One Million Players Join emDC Universe Online/em One Week After It Goes Free-to-Play

We already know that over 120,000 PC users joined DC Universe Online in 24 hours after the Sony Online Entertainment title went free-to-play, but now the publisher's revealing more about how big the shift has been for them.


In the week since DCUO became FTP, one million new would-be metahumans have joined the game's ranks. And that number is evenly split between PC and PlayStation 3 players. Of course, there's limits on what you get as a free member but you can always upgrade to Premium or Legendary if you want to be a one-person Legion of Superheroes and access all the incoming DLC packs.


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That's nice and all, but I stop playing due to having to wait in a queue that averages about 20-30 mins to get in game and start playing for me on PC.