One Man's Very Zelda Christmas

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Kotaku reader Mike didn't have any old Christmas. He had a Zelda Christmas, complete with a box, rupees, and a Master Sword that Mike purchased from his sisters.


According to Mike:

It started with a box. In the box were a green hat and a satchel of rupees and a small note saying I could use the rupees to purchase an item from my sisters!
This item was The Master Sword! The sword had a new quest attached to it; defeat the beast in the laundry room!

The beast, of course, was my sisters' dog dressed in Christmas attire. After I slew the beast (with a good ol' fashion scratch behind the ear) I noticed the key tied to his neck, with a note attached. The next quest! Explore the dungeon beyond the white door! This clearly meant the garage. I entered the garage, wondering what I could possibly find hidden in its darkness. I stumbled upon a large chest (a 100 year old treasure chest) and in classic Zelda style, bent down and opened it without a second thought. As I did, my sisters played the "open chest" jingle on their phones, a nice touch! And inside the chest was the Hylian shield, a bottle marked XXX and a potion bottle, both filled with mead!

I thought this would conclude my truly amazing Zelda present.... that was until I saw my girlfriend, Erin, who had something just as special waiting for me. I opened her present to find a Zelda pouch, containing an Ocarina she had custom painted, and a book... a hand bound, home made, suede book. And in this book aged paper with hand-drawn Ocarina tabs for all the Ocarina songs from the game. Each page beautifully decorated with love and care.

Happy Holidays to everyone at Kotaku, and Gawker! I hope this little story warms you guys like it warmed me :)



Hah! I had the same with God of War!

My family hid ancient greek gods in the apartment and I had to fight them to the death to find clues to my present! I got a Steam code for Duke Nukem Forever!