Most retailers are suffering a shortage of certain rare Amiibo—some figurines, you just can’t find in a shop. Unless, of course, you happen to live in very specific places. Then you might be able to find just about any Amiibo you want.

Last month, Twitter user UnlistedLeaf posted this picture online:

People reacted pretty strongly to the idea that Australia might have a secret cache of Amiibo. This gave @unlistedleaf an idea. Would it be possible to get every single Amiibo locally within 24 hours, without having to go online? Would nearby shops be so well-stocked, that anyone would be able to build his or her entire Amiibo collection in a single day? @unlistedleaf set off into Adelaide with a camera on-hand to find out:

In the end, he was able to find almost every released Amiibo so far, save for Golden Mario, regular Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, and Peach. The lack of Golden Mario isn’t surprising. But the other ones? Man, that’s kind of amazing. Everywhere else, those are probably the most common Amiibo!