Far Cry 4's PC version looks nice and runs decently enough (well, depending), but one thing I really like about it is less easy to notice: The game supports on-screen prompts for both Xbox and PS4 controllers.

Any controller-based game is going to have to put button-prompts on screen, whether for menu navigation, or QTEs, or whatever. Press A to jump, press X to mourn, etc. The majority of PC games go with Xbox button prompts, since for a while now Xbox controllers have been the dominant controller for PC gaming.


Thing is, I and an increasing number of other gamers have decided to opt for the DualShock 4 for PC games. (When we use controllers, that is.) I go that route because I like the DS4 more than other controllers, and also because as it turns out, the DualShock 4 is generally a really good controller for PC.

So it's cool that Far Cry 4 gives players the option to have the game's on-screen controller prompts match up with the PS4 controller, in addition to the Xbox option.

With most games, even if you're using a DualShock, you still have read Xbox button prompts on screen. That means that B is Circle, Y is Triangle, and most confusingly, X is... Square and A is… X. The X is even blue for both controllers.


When I wrote about using the DS4 on PC, a few people in the comments mentioned that they have no problem reprogramming themselves regardless of which controller they're using. I've found that while it does throw me, I've gotten more used to it over time as well. So yeah, this isn't a huge deal or anything.

Far Cry 4 isn't the only game to include this option, but it remains a rarity in PC games. And hey, any time a PC game wants to give players more options to customize their experience is fine by me. PC gamers (rightly) give Ubisoft a lot of crap for various things, but it's nice that they took the time to include a small option like this.